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1. ART Removals & Storage (hereinafter referred to as the Carrier which expression shall be deemed to include its officers, servants, agents, employees, subcontractors and any others for whose acts it may be responsible) is not a common carrier and accepts no liability as such. The Carrier reserves the right to decline the offer of carriage or transport or storage of any goods whatsoever for any person, firm, corporation or company at its uncontrolled discretion.
2. If the Consignor instructs the Carrier to use a particular method of carriage whether by road, rail, sea or air the Carrier will give priority to the method designated but reserves the right to use any other method or methods at its uncontrolled discretion and the Consignor shall hereby be deemed to have authorized such other method or methods.
3. The Consignor authorizes the Carrier to arrange with any party to undertake carriage transport or storage of the goods referred to herein and the Carrier shall be deemed to act as agent of such party which party shall be entitled to the benefit of these conditions to the same extent as the Carrier.
4. The Consignor shall not tender carriage any explosive, inflammable or otherwise dangerous goods without furnishing to the carrier a full description of those goods and in default of so doing shall be liable of all loss and damage of whatever nature (and whether foreseeable or not) occasioned thereby.
5. Unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing and additional charges paid the carrier shall not be responsible for any loss of or damage to a miss-delivery or non-delivery or delay in the delivery of any goods howsoever, whensoever occasion in respect of any goods entrusted to or carried or handled or stored by it even where such loss, damage, miss-delivery, non-delivery or delay in delivery may have been occasioned by the negligence wrongful act or default of whatsoever nature of the carrier (whether intentional or not) and the Consignor expressly warrants that the contract of carriage herein entered into contains no clause condition or warranty either expressed or implied which would make the carrier responsible for any loss, damage, miss-delivery or non-delivery or delay any delivery referred to herein.
6. The Carrier will effect insurance of the goods as an agent of the Consignor if the Consignor instructs the carrier to do so in writing, insurance of goods will not be effected for the benefit of the Consignor except upon his/her written instructions and then only at his/her expense.
7. If any person, firm, corporation or company fails on reasonable demand being made to pay charges due to the carrier in respect of any service rendered by the carrier, the carrier may detain and/or sell all or any of the goods of that person, firm, corporation or company which are in its possession and out of the moneys arising from any sale retain any charges so payable together with all charges and expense of the detention and/or sale and shall render the surplus (if any) of the moneys arising from any sale and of such of the goods as remain unsolved to the party and titled thereto. Any such sale shall not prejudice or affect the rights of the carrier to recover from the party liable to pay the same any such charges due or payable in respect of such service or the said detention and/or sale. Storage Late fee payments will incur 2% surcharge minimum $15 per invoice per month.
8. No claim against the Carrier shall be brought unless lodged in writing at the office of the carrier within seven days after delivery of the goods or in case of non-delivery within thirty days of the date of the contract.
9. It is expressly agreed that any person who delivers the goods referred to herein to the carrier for carriage transport or storage is authorized to sign the contract and to accept the conditions herein on behalf of the Consignor and that the Consignor either the owner of the goods or a person duly authorized by the owner to enter into the contract.
10. Hourly rate charged to the nearest 30 minutes, all road tolls must be reimbursed. Payment must be ready prior to the completion of your job on arrival prior to unloading as waiting time will be charged at the quoted hourly rate with a minimum charge of 30 minutes. Interstate removal/backloading accounts must be finialised at pick up. Additional charges if any maybe finialised at delivery prior to unloading.
11. Insurance claim excess and administration fee of $250.00 is payable by the customer/consignor. Please note: Items manufactured from compressed wood, particle board or similar will not be covered. We recommend that they be dismantled as they were purchased /delivered to avoid damages. Similarly, pre-packed boxes  or furniture items by the consignor/customer are not covered by the insurance provided. All transportation and administration fees must be settled by the consignor/customer prior to an insurance claim.
12. Cancellation & Deposit Policy: A deposit will confirm a booking date and or space on our truck for backloading.
The balance of the removal cost is due on pick up or prior to unloading. Total hours for unloading will be estimated based on the time it took to load the truck. A booking that has not been confirmed by a deposit being paid within 24 hours of the booking being made is not guaranteed and may be cancelled at ART Removals & Storage Management’s discretion after the 24 hours period.
ART Removals & Storage adopts the following policy when dealing with the cancellation or amendment of a booking:
If the booking is cancelled (or made and then cancelled) Less than 28 days prior to removal date for Local removal, there will be a full refund minus $100 as an administration fee.
If the reservation is cancelled (or made and then cancelled) Less than 28 days prior to removal date for country, interstate & backloading moves , there will be no refund made unless the date and or the space in the truck for backloading is re-booked for the total space of size of move of the cancelled booking. Once this is achieved there will be a refund minus $100 as an administration fee.
Where a removal booking is made and a change is made either by a later date or an earlier date, less than 24 hours prior to the reserved date of move, there will be no refund made unless the date and or the space in the truck for backloading is re-booked for the total space of size of move of the cancelled booking. Once this is achieved there will be a refund minus $100 as an administration fee.

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ART Removals & Storage PTY LTD

Home & Office Relocation


A.R.T. Removals &Storage Est.1992


We are a Sydney based family business established in 1992. With over 20 years experience our services have expanded to now cover both local and interstate removals in: NSW, ACT, VIC, SA & ALL OVER QUEENSLAND.


We provide you with a competitive quote as well as a personalised service from beginning to the end. We work with your time frame and personal requirements. We guarantee the date of pick-up and delivery and aim at achieving your preferred date for your exclusive move.


Local Removal service  man and a van:


We offer a man and a van service,  2 men and a van, or 3 men and more. Charge  starting at your door + a return trip fee with NO MINIMUM CHARGE.  Reqeust a larger truck at no additional charge up to 60 cubic metres!

(For 3 bedrooms and over we would recommend no less than 3 men service).


Country and Intestate Exclusive or  Backloading Service:


Whether it is exclusive or backloading service we pride ourselves with our unique and quality personalised service from start to finish.

Our approach is flexible, ethical and you will find our rates very competitive.

General backloading rates charge per cubic metre depending on your destination and requirements.


For an accurate quotation we ask that you provide us with an inventory list for the items you wish to move. Please log on to our online inventory form follow the link and submit the completed the

INVENTORY FORM. or send us the one you already have to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Our Removal Services Includes:

Experienced removalists, a large van/truck up to 60 cubic metres (fits up to an average 5-6 bedroom home) with a tailgate for easy loading/unloading at no extra cost,  proper padded blankets, complimentary lounge, mattress protectors available on reqeust.


vNo minimum hourly charge

vSame price for weekend and public holidays

vReasonable and affordable rates

vNo additional charge for larger trucks.

vNo fuel surcharge

vAll quotes are confirmed in writing

vNo hidden surprises at your door step.

vPick your date and time for your exclusive move and we will be there- we will not let you down!



 Please note:


With furniture transportation capacity is more important than the tonnage of the truck. If size is important for your move then make sure you ask for the size of the pantec not the tonnage of the truck.



Why pay for empty space just pay for the space you use.

Storage facilities available from $15 per cubic metre per month. Your items will be palletised and shrink wrapped to protect from damage and dust.


Packing service/Pre-pack:

Pre-pack service is charged at the local removal rates: $49.00 per half hour for 2 men starting at your door and return trip fee (this is normally Between $50 to $150 maximum). For more than 2 removalists our rates are $39 per hour per packer, i.e. 2 packers $98 per hour or 3 packers $117 per hour, $39 per additional packer thereafter. (For 3 bedrooms and over we would recommend no less than 3 packers).


Packaging & Removal boxes:


Tea Chest $4.95, Crystal Carton $2.95, Book/Wine Carton $2.95, Port-A-Robe Heavy Duty $29.95 including rail, Picture Carton $6.95, Corrugated cardboard 75m roll $95, Ream of Butchers Paper 125 sheets $12.95, Packing Paper 5kg $22.00, Packing Tape $3.99ea, 10mm Bubble wrap $2 per meter, Single Mattress cover $7.95, Queen Mattress Cover $9.95, Lounge chair cover $8.95, 3 seater cover $8.95.


50% off the recycled and second hand Removals cartons available now.




Accepted payment methods are:


Visa, MasterCard (3% surcharge),

Direct bank transfer:

Pay Pal (3% surcharge) or cash.



We are available until 6pm 7 days a week to answer your call

1300 88 54 40






Removalists Inventory form

Please complete your inventory form. Place the number of each item in the QTY box and adjust the measurement if you know the exact sizes. Default Measurements are approximate only.

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